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Programs and Services

St. Mary Villa provides licensed, “3 Star” rated full-time child care and after school care.

Full-Time Child Care

  • Location:  St. Mary Campus at 1704 Heiman Street, Nashville TN 37208.
  • Age Range:  Children 6 weeks to 5 years.
  • Programs:  Designed to ensure consistent, caring adult relationships that meet the child's total needs for physical, cognitive, emotional and social/cultural development domains.
  • Care and Nurturing:  Provided in partnership with parents and extended family.
  • Communication:  Daily interaction and regular communication with families is encouraged by all staff.

After School Care


Hours of Operation

  • 6AM to 6PM Monday through Friday
  • Holidays and staff training days listed in the calendar for planning alternative care arrangements. 

Curriculum and Goals

St. Mary's Villa is very proud to offer a formalized approach to child develpment that is centered around educational "play" in a nurturing environment.

  • Children enrolled in all programs are regularly assessed with curriculum-based tools that identify developmental progress and provide information for creating individualized education plans that encourage exploration and learning.
  • In all areas, children are guided through a planned sequence of exposure, appreciation, and engagement to achieve mastery of new objectives.
  • Individual and group opportunities are offered for learning and development including direct instruction, group interaction, independent practice, and facilitated creative play.
  • Each day is structured to provide a comprehensive approach to child development for a balanced life.
  • Progress is measured in regular observations and documented in reports to share with supervisors, families and evaluators in order to improve services and achieve identified goals.


St. Mary Villa Programs


  • Serves children beginning at 6 weeks and meets the special needs of infants by individualizing their daily schedules.
  • Developmentally appropriate activities that introduce them to the sights, sounds and movements of their world are planned daily.
  • The teacher/child ratio is 1:4.


  • One class each for one year-olds and two year-olds including young three year-olds.
  • Provides structured learning activities that emphasize development of language, social, and physical skills.
  • There is a daily balance of active and quiet experiences with plenty of individual attention.
  • The teacher/child ratio:  one year-old classes - 1:5; two year-old/young three year-old classes - 1:6.


  • Serves children ages 2.5 to 3.
  • Offers first-hand experiences in creative arts, music, stories, dramatic play, science, group games and outdoor play.
  • Utilizes independent and group activities, and is designed to develop strong cognitive and social skills.
  • Teachers implement a comprehensive curriculum and work individually with children.
  • The teacher/child ratio is 1:9.


  • Serves children ages 3, 4, and 5.
  • The teacher/child ratio is 1:13.


  • Located at St. Henry and St. Ann schools offer secure and dependable supervision in a licensed.
  • Offers a "Three-Star" quality rated setting from end of school day to 6 PM, with full day care on school holidays.
  • Guided activities include time for homework, exercise and a snack.



Food and Nutrition


  • Eating healthy and exercise is important and are addressed in the curriculum and incorporated into the daily routine.
  • The infant program works with families to provide the right start for each child; families provide the formula or breast milk and transitions to solid foods are coordinated with parents.
  • All other program meals meet the daily dietary USDA requirements by age.
  • Meals are served family style with the teacher joining the children.
  • Meals include:  Early breakfast if your child arrives before 7:45 am, mid-morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.
  • Menus and menu cycles are posted by month in the classroom.
  • St. Mary Villa will individualize meal planning for children with medical needs and cultural requirements.

St. Mary Villa has received a Three Star Rating by the Tennessee Department of Human Services since the program's inception!
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